Monday, April 14, 2008


All week long I kept asking myself, "Self, how the hell am I going to get creative with connections?" I had no clue, that is until I was at work today turning one of the intern's desks into a fort. We have this intern, let's call him Steve, at the paper who doesn't understand that we're not out to get him. He's just the intern, he's fresh meat... we wouldn't pull pranks on him if we didn't like him. But he's the kind of guy who almost seems to think that the whole world is out to get him. "We're not out to get Steve," I said to one of the other designers, "we're just trying to get him to lighten up a little around the office and make a connection..." There it was, my project had just became the fort I was constructing around Steve's desk. Steve is starting to come around by the way. He knows it's nothing serious and that we're just trying to be buddies with him. I mean, after all, he's a writer and I'm a computer nerd, so if he thinks that I'm one of the cool guys that he's trying to guard himself against... he's sorely mistaken.

Here is one of my biggest connections with Steve. We used his last name to form a nationality around his fort. You can see the flag flying high atop the flag pole.

I even made a window that props open with a stick and as you can see, there is still enough room for computer work.

Fort De Paolo! I wish I had pictures of the inside, we decorated that too.

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modestalchemist said...

Ha ha... if that's Pete's corner, one will be lead to guess that Steve's real name is Pete... great way to hide his identity...